“My father got shot in the back of the head. I couldn’t even see my dad’s face; it was a closed casket.”” from “Bounty Hunter 9:24: Ultimate Catch” by Kerra Pridgen



“Mia wants no trouble, so she stands up from off the stool. One of the guys hit her on her booty. The beer bottle still in hand, she drags it across the bar top towards her; when it reaches the edge it drops, sliding down. Mia grips a hold of the neck of the bottle and her arm swings backwards, busting it over the freckled face boy head. Taking the bar stool and smashing it over the other guy’s head. She leaves out leaving those guys passed out on the floor.” from “Bounty Hunter 9:24: Ultimate Catch” by Kerra Pridgen


Bounty Hunter 9:24: Ultimate Catch

Mia Santos is a law firm mediator. When the law of justice did nothing to find the killer of her father, she took the law into her own hands and became a bounty hunter. Let’s just say her life hasn’t been the same since. A lot of madness can happen in a short time, within a month Mia and others will experience hardships, heartache, and most of all love. A grudge she has with her brother leads her to meeting a despicable man. A man whom makes her question how far a good person can go without becoming the evil they are going up against.