Kerra Melissa Pridgen 
Was born Kerra Melissa Moore, September 24, 1984 grew up in small town of Apex, North Carolina. She is a published author, a poet and a mind of a philosopher, she looks at life in away God intended it to be looked at and learned.
“You can’t step into the footsteps of the wise but you can sure make your own beside them, by using your mind.” Quote by-Kerra M. Pridgen

She had a childhood full of trauma, from her parents separating and getting a divorce, suffering from depression and among other things. She was able to recall all of those events into writing. The Lord gave upon her the gift to express your feelings and emotions on paper and when she realized how much power her words had, she continued to write. Poems that touched all who read them or heard, she still writes today and now working on writing novels. She looks at the troubles in her life as her reward and blessing. Everything she has been through was a test from God and today she writes her life hoping that someone else can relate. Giving out positive messages in her words of work, she hopes to touch many souls with her word. Only with the help of the Lord she is able to go on. She truly believes with faith and pray anything is possible.
“My pain flows like water,
I’m Libra as I place my pain on scales of my life and walk.
My words marked with passion, movement & action.” (Poem titled Pain)

“You have to change your mind set, before changes can happen in your life.
If you keep following all your excuses in the world, you will never know the true you.
Try God and you shall see.
Test him but no your answers will only come when you need.
You have the will to know.
So find out, it’s never too late to transform your WORLD.” (Poem titled Change)

Kerra Pridgen married January 12, 2009 and live in Durham, NC. As a wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, and aunt she pushes to be an example to all young females growing up, that no matter what your troubles around you are, with knowing the love of God you will make it through and shine bright as a star.
Her genius as a writer is her ability to create stories that pull you in and make you feel as though you are picturing it right in front of your face. Her ability to write true events that seem too fake to be real is a genius in itself.
“Your words are golden, did I tell you that you are a blessed poet, you need a chapter in the book of psalms with all this greatness.”


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