Bounty Hunter 9:24: Ultimate Catch

Mia Santos is a law firm mediator. When the law of justice did nothing to find the killer of her father, she took the law into her own hands and became a bounty hunter. Let’s just say her life hasn’t been the same since. A lot of madness can happen in a short time, within a month Mia and others will experience hardships, heartache, and most of all love. A grudge she has with her brother leads her to meeting a despicable man. A man whom makes her question how far a good person can go without becoming the evil they are going up against.


To Protect & Serve 


Growing up hearing stories from his father past, DaKarai decides that he wants to be a cop to stop crime, not be apart of it. He falls in love with a beautiful woman by the name of Kya who he was best friends with as a child. They have always been close but become even closer, specially after a psycho obsessed with her attempts to cause harm. DaKarai is determined to protect her. Click here to download Kindle eBook Protect and Serve…

New Friend/New Woman 

New Friend: 

Kelly Harris is a married woman who feels she is missing that excitement in her marriage, which makes her end up flirting but also wanting to work things out in her marriage; which seems to make a turn for the good at least thats what she thinks until she finds out that her husband has been up to a lot more than working. After finding out she has FMS, all the the stressful things in her life has her on edge and ready to give up. Kelly soon realizes that your true best friend has been right by her side along; closer than she thought. Click here to download kindle eBook New Friend

New Woman: 

New Woman is the continued story of the book titled New Friend. Kelly faces her fears and finds real love. Along with being a new mother, she also becomes a new woman. Click here to download Kindle eBook New Woman

Erotic Moans 

A collection of short stories about normal people who go through many things before they realize what true love is and how just because someone can make you moan doesn’t mean they will come home. The characters in this book relive there past and have to learn to deal with there present but they lie and cheat to find what they are missing, until they realize that only they hold the power of their moans. All their stories bring them all together in the end.  

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