My Journey 

I started my journey after high school by enrolling in a community college but when I got there I was told I would have to do the same work I just finished doing in high school. I was given this stack of papers, worksheets to do. I think some were math and others were for English, about punctuation. “This is not what I came here for. This is not what I want to do.” I thought to myself. I was ready to learn something new and get started with a career. 

      I think at the time secretly I was in love with writing because I had done well in all my English classes and my teachers loved my work, always. How dare they make me work on this when I know I’m not good at punctuation, that is why I’m not taking up a field in writing. At the time in my life, I wasn’t thinking clearly, I was lost and didn’t know which way to go. 

       This could’ve been the first step to Gods plan for me and I was standing in the way of it. I detoured around it, and took the roughest path, that lead me right back to where I began. 
Let me explain. A few years later I tuned to writing as an outlet, as therapy and still didn’t think that was my calling. That was something I just did for me. Year after year, this urge grew and the more I shared my poems the more people told me how amazed they were and that I should keep writing. I would wake from my sleep to write. I would not go to sleep at all, up just writing. Poems turned into short stories, which soon lead me to where I am today. This year I wrote my first novel and I will admit that I am still not great maybe not even good at punctuation, but I do my best to tell my story. 

    All this being said, imagine what would have happened if I’d seen that first step through, all I had to do was a stack of worksheets, I would’ve known all the rules of punctuation and maybe Gods plan for me all along was to become a writer. I just explained the very first thing that lead me on this writing journey, it was not the last. Throughout my years I continued to have things happen that further proved and showed me that writing was my calling and truly what was in my heart. I am good at many things but just maybe, I am great at writing.