Bounty Hunter 9:24: Ultimate Catch

Mia Santos is a law firm mediator. When the law of justice did nothing to find the killer of her father, she took the law into her own hands and became a bounty hunter. Let’s just say her life hasn’t been the same since. A lot of madness can happen in a short time, within a month Mia and others will experience hardships, heartache, and most of all love. A grudge she has with her brother leads her to meeting a despicable man. A man whom makes her question how far a good person can go without becoming the evil they are going up against.


To Protect & Serve 


Growing up hearing stories from his father past, DaKarai decides that he wants to be a cop to stop crime, not be apart of it. He falls in love with a beautiful woman by the name of Kya who he was best friends with as a child. They have always been close but become even closer, specially after a psycho obsessed with her attempts to cause harm. DaKarai is determined to protect her. Click here to download Kindle eBook Protect and Serve…